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    Scatec Solar Solutions has developed and built facilities totalling around 180MWp worldwide. The company thus stands as one of the world's leading photovoltaic providers.


Polditz Solar Park
In the district of Döbeln in Saxony, Scatec Solar Solutions has built a ground mounted solar plant with an installed capacity of 3 MWp.
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Polditz Solar ParkOpen Field Facility with 3 MWp

The Polditz solar park in the Döbeln region was built and put into operation in 2007 by Scatec Solar Solutions. The park feeds 3 MWp of green electricity into the grid. 

skytron® energy provided combiner boxes, PV dataloggers and SCADA software.

Power Plant Details
Location:Polditz, Germany
Installed Capacity:3.0 MWp
EPC Company:Scatec Solar Solutions
Date of Completion:2007

Our Contribution to the Polditz Plant
41ArrayGuard® – Combiner Boxes
3skylog© – PV Dataloggers
1PVGuard® – PV SCADA Software
O&M Service

Project Engineering / Commissioning / Power Plant Control / Control Room Service and Reporting / Maintenance

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